How to create a gallery wall

Temple&Webster Gallery Wall Jenniferlia

Gallery wall Jenniferlia

Gallery Wall Jenniferlia

Do you have a number of beautiful and eclectic collectibles that you've gathered on your travels over time but no idea how to display them?  Don't despair!  

A gallery wall could be an easy and visually stunning solution to enjoy your pieces rather then have them cooped up in their packaging or only showing one at a time.  

Be it an artwork, vintage poster, mirror, mask, silk scarf or textile here's a great tutorial from the talented people at Temple & Webster to guide you on how to set this up.  

I also love Anna Spiro's colourful style for another spot of inspiration- check out her take on all things interiors on her blog "Absolutely Beautiful Things".

Plus - those 3M Command strips are a game changer in your gallery wall and hanging art in general!  Love those things...

I also found Apartment Therapy's article (aptly named) "How to hang your artwork and not screw it up" really helpful.  

Did you know the perfect height to hang your artwork is 145 cm or 57 inches (on center of piece).  

This measurement is generally the height that museums and galleries use.  It might sound low, but it's pretty much spot on eye level.  

It's so important to get the height right, as too high or too low - especially when set amongst furniture, can be a make or break.  There's a tiny bit of math involved, but don't let that put you off!  Once your beautiful piece is hung, it's there for the long haul!

Hope you find this as helpful as I did!

Jen x

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